Wow Error 132 – What Is It, The Reasons Behind This Error And How To Fix It?


The online game World of Warcraft needs no introduction. She knows even those who do not play. The brainchild of Blizzard proved to be a very successful project, which allowed developers to develop the series with the help of numerous additions. Last at the moment – “Legion.” What is wow error 132??

Some players have noticed a strange tendency. When upgrading to the corresponding add-on, an error occurs with the number 132 when you start the game. Why does WoW get error 132, and how can I fix it? That’s what we’ll talk about today.

Causes Of Error: There are a lot of them

wow error 132

This is precisely the problem of eliminating error 132. The reasons for its appearance are varied: problems with hardware, “curves” drivers, inadequate add-ons, abnormal operation of the cooling system, increased processor multiplier, damage to game files, lack of RAM. Therefore, it is very important to determine the reason why error 132 takes place in WoW.

For the most part, this driver error curves, inadequate modification of the game interface, and the loss of vital client files are to blame. All this is fixable, although it takes a lot of time and nerves. Here is such a tricky error in WoW 132. How to correct the situation, it will be written just below. Consider the most common causes of this error and how to fix it.

Reason number 1: “curves” drivers

The most common cause of occurrence is incorrectly installed graphics drivers. Or the manufacturer has something in the driver code. Also, a similar problem may arise due to the use of its test version, which has not yet passed any tests. It is quite clear that when using such drivers, various errors are possible. The ways to fix the problem are as follows.

If you are using the latest driver, try uninstalling it and installing the old one that has been tested. If it is just a “curve,” then reinstalling the newly downloaded package should also fix the problem. If the failure occurred due to the fault of the manufacturer who messed up in the driver code, then you will have to wait for the official patch for this version. There is nothing you can do.

Reason number 2: Interface Modes

There is a huge amount of interface modifications for WoW. Error 132 may also occur due to their fault. For example, after updating the client, the version of the modifications remains exactly the same. As a result, they conflict with the updated files. So the error happens. In general, the use of mods is not recommended, as they contain many holes that can cause irreparable harm to the game client. How to fix the situation?

It is necessary to delete all mods from the Interface folder. If you have too many of them, and you are too lazy to choose the ones you need, you can delete the entire folder. Anyway, the next time you start the game, it will be restored. But without the left mods. To be sure, you also need to delete the folder Cache. Believe me, and it will be better. In WoW Pandaria, error 132 is most often caused by modifications. So this way should help. If there are no changes, read on.

Reason number 3: No files needed

It also happens that in WoW, error 132 appears due to the loss of some important client files related to the game interface. This can happen for a variety of reasons. For example, some files could be destroyed by an excessively zealous antivirus. Or you manually deleted some file and did not pay attention to it. In any case, the information is lost, and something needs to be done about it. The algorithm for resolving this problem is quite simple.

Manually search for deleted files is a bad thing. There will be no sense from this. There is only one way out – take down the client and download it again. Be careful if you play on a third-party server. Download exactly the client that is recommended by the server administration. With the rest can be serious problems. So do not download everything.

Troubleshooting Pc Hardware Issues

wow error

To prevent this error in the game, it will also be useful to clean the cooling system of the video card and processor. Also, it will not be harmful to check the performance of the memory fails. It also should not conflict if you have two strips from different manufacturers. And, of course, if you have a very old video card, it is better to replace it. For with such porridge you cannot boil. Not this one so that another error will appear.

In general, the state of the computer components is required to be monitored regularly, and not to hold your head exactly when errors appear. Still, PC – technology. And it requires proper care.

Recommendations from technical support

wow error 132

First of all, use the advice of the Technical Support Service. The tips are as follows:

  1. Delete all temporary files.
  2. Update drivers.
  3. Check RAM.
  4. Try running the game in OpenGL mode in a separate window and without sound.
  5. Check your disk for errors.
  6. Low settings of the processor and its overheating.
  7. Disable the sound card.
  8. Use the client repair program by running the Repair.exe file.
  9. Make sure that the “Work offline” feature is disabled in your Internet Explorer settings.
  10. Install Adobe Flash Player for Internet Explorer:
  11. Delete the files located in the C: \ WINDOWS \ Prefetch folder, restart the computer, run Launcher.exe with administrator rights and make sure that the game client has completely installed all non-critical updates.
  12. Check if you have DirectX installed, if version 11 (Win 7), tick the game settings.
  13. Start the game with the optional interface disabled (add-ons)
    Start> Run (Click together the Windows Logo + R buttons. Enter cmd and click OK. In the console window that opens, enter the Route -f command


Now we know where in WoW error 132 may appear. We know and ways to eliminate it.

In most cases, all the above methods work. If they did not help you, then something is wrong with the components of your computer. In this case, you will have to look for additional information. But do not panic ahead of time. First, try less radical ways.

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