You Do Not Have Permission To Access This Folder In Windows – What To Do

You Do Not Have Permission To Access This Folder In Windows – What To Do

Each folder has its own instructions. Created rules protect and prevent data loss, which, alas, often causes problems for the user.

Very often, when deleting, transferring, or trying to launch some folders, users may encounter the restriction “You do not have permission to access this folder.

In the article we will tell you what to do and how to unlock access to resources in Windows (7, 8, 10).

The root cause of failure denied permission to access this folder

Often, the main reason for blocking is the discrepancy between the name of the administrator and the owner of the PC or the lack of rights to operate.

This happens when you reinstall the OS, and especially during the transition from the seven to the top ten, or when operating several operating systems on a computer.

In severe cases, the user is trying to change something in the system directories, which is highly undesirable. Is it possible to quickly access? Yes, you just need to find the right solution.

If you do not have permission to access this folder in Windows 10

The first way to fix do not have permission to access this folder

  1. Right-click on the icon of the folder of interest and select “Properties” in the appeared menu. You can also click on the “Continue” button, which is available in the notification.
  2. Next, go to the tab “Security.” At the bottom there is an “Advanced” – click on it.
  3. A window will appear. At the end of the line Owner (usually not displayed) click “Edit
  4. In the window again, select “Advanced.”
  5. Click “Search.” We are looking for your chosen user name or the group “Administrators.” Select it and confirm everything through “OK.”
  6. Back in the “Advanced Security Settings,” be sure to put a tick next to “Replace the owner of subcontainers and objects” and click “OK.”
  7. A pop-up window “Windows Security” agree on a replacement.
  8. Restart the computer and try to perform a previously blocked operation with the folder.

The second way to fix do not have permission to access this folder

The alternative consists of repeating steps 1-5 from the previous instruction, but instead of selecting a name, we will ask ourselves. In the “Enter the names of the selected objects” window, you can register one of the options:

  • users or user;
  • administrators, Administrators, Administrator;
  • Users

One of them will definitely fit. Verify that all permissions exist for this account.

If you do not have permission to access this folder in Windows 7

With the seven, everything is much simpler. Going to Security and selecting the “Advanced” option, you will immediately be offered the name of your account and the Administrators group.

If this does not help you, then in this window, select the “Edit” button, and in the same way, find or register the owner.

Do not forget to set the change for the attached content (this notification appears when there are subfolders in the main).

More complex situations do not have permission to access this folder

In most cases, the previously described methods are quite sufficient, but in especially tricky cases they will not help. You will have to go in a more complicated way – assign an owner for the registry key.

  1. On the required section, right-click and select Permissions.
  2. At the bottom of the window, click “Advanced.”
  3. Specify the Owner.
  4. Set permissions of interest.

This solution is necessary for situations when it comes to installing programs or games. It is implied that the computer uses several accounts, and the software is installed for a specific one.

Command line interaction

Immediately you need to clarify that you need to open the console on behalf of the Admin, regardless of the running account.

“Takedown” is a command that assigns the current user the owner (folder or file).

  • takedown / f “(file location)”;
  • takedown / f “(folder path)” / r / d y.

Here are some good examples:

  • takeown / f “D: Music1.mp3” – for a file;
  • takeown / f “C: Windows” / r / dy – for the folder.

The “icacls” option is a command that changes permissions to a folder or object. In our case, the discovery of the full set of actions is of interest, so we will only talk about them.

To open full access, use the following commands:

  • icacls “(file path)” / grant (username): F / c / l;
  • icacls “(folder path)” / grant (username): F / t / c / l / q;

Instead of the user name, you can use any other group. In addition, the network can be found the batch file, which will automatically perform the procedures described.

In the case of a flash drive

If you have a similar problem with folders on a flash drive, then changing the owner and permissions does not always eliminate the problem. The reasons for the denial of access may be covered in the blocking software. For example, antiviruses and, in fact, viruses are often blamed for this. Disabling protection or scanning the system and the flash drive itself can help in this case. If the flash drive is empty – perform the formatting.

If suddenly the above steps do not help in the case of a flash drive – then you should use special programs to unlock access to files. So, the Unlocker, Uninstall Tool, Total Commander utilities deal well with the problem. They already have a mechanism for working with such conditions and restrictions. Any such program needs to be started from under the administrator.

Let’s sum up

All the above methods fully solve the blocking “You do not have permissions to access this folder,” and you know what to do with it now. In any case, remember – Windows is not without reason activates the protection of some folders. This is especially true of system directories and files located in them. Before deleting, moving or changing, always check the information on such objects.